Budget crisis or sinister Koch plot? Whither Karl Rove?

Is this a historic moment? Or, an historic moment, if you prefer?

I don’t know, but I hope so. A cursory reading of our financial condition would suggest that we’re quickly running out of money, and unless we stop spending like drunken sailors, we’re going to be up against it something fierce. But we’ve shown an amazing capacity for defying reality in this country. Our leading intellectuals in the “respectable” left and center-left media are telling us everything’s gonna be OK. Don’t worry about what that scary Republican man is saying! It’s not really time to cut spending. America doesn’t really have a financial crisis. Look at those mean, arrogrant budget-cutters! Why, they don’t care about the budget at all! Maybe this is all a figment of our imaginations, a collective hallucination brought on by the Koch brothers! Perhaps they’ve some manner of mind-control drug in the water supply. That would be just like those crafty right-wingers, long known for their subtlety and media-savvy.

As events turn unruly in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, can states like California and New York be far behind? How long can we defer any decisions?

Where does the rubber meet the road? When do competing narratives get smashed by the narrative of reality? As in, the reality that We Are Out of Money? I don’t know. But one hopes it happens soon, else someone in Chengdu will be watching the Chinese version of “Operation Repo,” and laughing as a 400-pound man seizes the keys to Air Force One from a vigorously protesting, but ultimately ineffectual*, President Obama.

*Perhaps an apt description for his entire presidency.

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One Response to Budget crisis or sinister Koch plot? Whither Karl Rove?

  1. poteenmyboy says:

    I can see O’ now trying to punch out the Repo man – in an effectual way of course!

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